Our Temples

Caring for our Temples. This is a very important section because this is the very point I’m trying to make. I’m one that understands the temple to be very important and needs to be cared for as best as we know and can. I try to find time and ways to exercise, eat healthier, and use products that are natural and organic. After learning about all the many man-made synthetics placed into our foods and daily products I’ve made a conscious decision to be more aware of what I allow into and onto my temple. I would rather go out of my way and pay a little more for what is better for my body and my families.

Yes, I would rather use Cannabis for a headache, then using the many times recalled Tylenol. I would rather refer Cannabis to someone that is in need of a sleep aid, then the highly addictive and abused Xanax, which unfortunately has become popular with our young people whom seek to crush, snort, and inject the pill.

Many synthetics do not naturally link well with our chemistry, our make-up, there bad for us. We were made from the ground and everything God made for us come from the ground; it only makes sense that the more natural approach would be healthier for us.

Food is medicine.

This is a very simple concept, but simple is good. Have we not learned anything from the Indians and other primitive people groups that have been self sustained and preserved for centuries utilizing various plants and natural resources? Many of which live into old age in pristine health. Their organic diet and lifestyle has paid off because they understand that the Earth provides.

Please do not hear what I’m not saying. Modern technology and medicine has had enormous advancements that we should all be very proud of and has done many wonderful things for mankind. But let us not become solely dependent on our technical feats and let us continue to reap the countless benefits that an organic diet and natural lifestyle has to offer. After all there has been a great rise in people becoming more aware of this. There is a health movement on the rise and I can only hope that it is not just a trend. Our bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit and we must care for them as best as we can to honor and glorify the Lord and simply to give Him thanks.

Many religious folk oppose Cannabis so strongly yet continue to smoke cigarettes and live in obesity with terrible exercise and diet practices; it’s flat out hypocritical and doesn’t make sense. Look at the log in your eye before you point at a speck and really research what is healthy or not.

Would you tell someone in dire need of medication that they may not have it? And most medication on the market is synthetic with harsh side effects! Now really think about this, if you were a health care provider, wouldn’t you want to offer the safest, healthiest, and least side effect medication to your patient? Of course!

Many are addicted to coffee and soda pops; caffeine is highly addictive and considered a “drug”. Excessive amounts is terribly harmful to ones health. Others are also addicted to tobacco which has claimed millions of lives to lung cancer.

Cannabis is not addictive (people make it habitual to abuse it) like caffeine or causes your heart to palpitate like your morning espresso does. If there is anything out there for human consumption that is least harmful to your health, Cannabis is up on the list.




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