“Yea but its sorcery…”

Paganism and witchcraft, unfortunately, have been around for thousands of years. When we think of sorcery we may have many different images that come to mind. We may imagine a lady with a crystal ball and or even a witch or warlock mixing potions, and these are true.

Sorcery is the pagan art and practice that a person exercises to tap into supernatural powers to obtain the aid of demons. Many times in their practice, substances are self administered in order to make contact with these fallen angels; this would be better known as, Pharmakia. Through these experiences they look to cast spells and see visions. Note the experiences that might take place when one practices sorcery; seeing visions, conjuring and speaking to these spirits, and etc. It is not very difficult to correlate these experiences with psychedelics and link these chemicals with strong psycho active properties. The true culprit of sorcery is in fact hallucinogens.

There are many concoctions and substances that one may find in order to obtain this psychedelic experience, and that’s a whole other topic on its own, but when you really study and look at the properties and effects of organic Cannabis you learn that it cannot and does not contain such properties that lead to hallucinogenic experiences, unless of course someone placed a foreign chemical upon the herb, that’s why I say organic.

It would be the same thing to say that one may use alcohol to get drunk in order to communicate with the dead. This doesn’t make or classify alcohol as an object of sorcery in itself. What we must understand is that anyone can take and use anything to use in sorcery. It’s the ones intentions of how they are to use it (anything) that make’s it wrong.


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