One puff and your stoned!

Whose talking about puffing? Cannabis has various uses and modalities of intake such as oils used as topicals which can be placed directly on the skin and extract that can be cooked or baked into food as edibles are a couple of other ways that do not involve plum and frankly is a lot less cliche and “scary” then “smoking” it.

But to properly address this statement the matter is not about inhaling or “puffing” but rather the potency.

To understand we must remember that this plant has been made illegal and because of that, opportunity has fallen into the hands of the black market.

In the 1950 Cannabis was extremely less potent then it is today.

During the prohibition of Alcohol the black market was mainly producing moonshine. One drink and your wasted!

There is not an option to seek out anything with normal low properties.

Today many of these plants are hybrids bred to contain high levels of THC, the only component in the herb that makes you feel “high”. Which I will add that Cannabis has finally been bred with extremely low THC for Cancer patients and others that want to receive the many benefits of the plant without that “high” feeling. This will be more available as laws open up in favor of the plant, thus crushing the whole “stoned” topic.

In a world that it was readily available this would not be an issue. You would take according to your limit. Like alcohol.

Another factor that comes into play is our tolerance for the plant. Some people are allergic to certain foods and medications and this is certainly not for everyone. But for those that may introduce Cannabis into our diet, in the beginning your tolerance is extremely low. Remember when you had your first alcoholic beverage? One was enough. After some time maybe it went up to 2 or 3. If you need more then 5 drinks, may I suggest you may have a drinking problem? But seriously, my point is to point out the level of tolerance your body builds up. That is the same with any medication as well.

Can you imagine you see your doctor for a migraine and he gives you a 200mg of morphine?! Absurd!

Obviously you don’t need anything that extreme but a good Doctor will evaluate your symptom and start you off on a low dosage. If that doesn’t help he may bump it up. I’m personally against narcotics such as morphine but just for making a points sake.

People have approached Cannabis in all the wrong ways. With a low tolerance because never having experienced this plant before try to partake something that is high in potency.

If you speak to someone that has been frequently partaking that “one puff” you speak of may not do anything for them.

Moving to the topic of “high” since there is only that word, in alcohol terms lets talk about being “tipsy” not drunk as we know is not where we as Christians will even venture to. But tipsy. As the bible says wine makes a mans heart merry. I know that it is speaking of wine because a drink can make you feel good! Certainly the scripture was talking about wine, fermented grapes, because I can tell you right now that Welch’s grape juice never made my heart merry, it tastes great, but not exactly what we’re talking about here. And if you are one of those that believe the scripture only talks about non fermented grape juice then I suggest you go back and study the scriptures and the history of the biblical times pertaining to wine.

Everyone is effected differently. For me, after one glass of wine I am feeling happy. And that is just one glass! I become extra sociable, I loosen up, become relaxed. Even creativity and deeper thought is cultivated. Others may be effected differently and that is why even so alcohol is not for everyone. I’m sure we have all come across those that become belligerent with drink, people become aggressive. But can I even venture to say that with any amount of cannabis I have never encountered anyone in that frame of mind. I believe wine can be a blessing but it can be a curse. It all falls on the individual and how it is approached. If through experience you’ve had a bad one, simply and maturely discontinue and avoid it but do not slander a thing because of how your effected.

Wine used properly, socially, at dinner, maturely, makes the heart merry. Nothing what so ever wrong with that.

Wine has been proven at low levels of intake to be beneficial. Too much is extremely toxic.

If wine can be used as recreation an make one “happy” then why the hysteria with Cannabis? It can as well make one “happy” as we’ll as all the benefits that come with it! And it’s a food!

The stereotype must come to an end.


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