Welcome to CannaBless, an informational site covering the controversial topic of Cannabis or better known as Marijuana, as per the renewed mind of a Christian.

Warning: If you are not ready or willing to be open to dialogue for truth and revelation on this subject, please exit out of window now.

This site is not in anyway here to bash or promote any organization, church, demonination, or affiliation of any kind.

The intent and purpose of this site is first and foremost, setting any secondary subject as this one aside, that people would come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and King.

But to also encourage and stimulate thought process on this matter.

With that being said I am not here to try and convince anyone of anything but laying out personal experience and dialogue with The Lord on this matter, thus prompting the creation of this site.

I would like to help, by the grace of God, bring perspective and clarity on this issue that I for so long in my Christian walk have questioned and prayed about.

Is it a sin? Is it evil? Does God permit it? What does the Bible have to say about it? Can a Christian partake? Where should we as Christians stand on this issue?

These are all questions that we will soon enough be asked if not have already encountered as leaders, and here are provided prayed through answers.

Unfortunately we have allowed the world to take the reigns and be the voice for various issues when it should be Christians bringing wisdom on matters according to the scriptures.

For too long Christians have adopted various ideas because it is the popular idea and preached from a pulpit without solid resource and input on the matter.
“It’s just where we stand, just because” kind of thing. This statement can no longer suffice in the journey to truly understand any matter.

Some brothers and sisters might not even care and this might not be on their list of “important matters”. Others may be completely against it. And then their are those that have revelation on the subject but remain silent.

Note: The Bible is our absolute rock where we stand on anything and how we should live.

We do not condone any type of abuse of anything. Nor any other lifestyle that is different then which we read in the scriptures.

Also, there are many laws today at the same time the matter of legalization of Cannabis is in the courts that we do not stand for.

Let it be clear: We stand for life in the womb and believe marriage to be solely between one man and one women as creation (nature) and the Bible teaches us.

It’s amazing how quick the world is to jump on band wagons and even more so Christians. This is an age old issue I know but it never seizes to baffle me.

I bring this up because so many things in life have been given a bad rap and stereotyped in negative ways because we fear and lack knowledge of a thing. That is true with animals, people groups, and on this topic, Cannabis.

Oh, you’ve had a history with “pot”, or a bad experience?

I’m sorry to hear that.

Unfortunately many people have had bad experiences with those that are supposed to be the hands and feet of Jesus (Christians), does that mean they should throw following Christ out the window?

Many have had bad experiences with alcohol, does that negate the fact that alcohol was prevalent in the scriptures? No.

The bible tells us that wine is good. But respect it. Don’t abuse it. Do not get drunk. It is for a mature audience and if approached correctly, it is blessed and for our pleasure.

These bad experiences are due to the simple fact of immaturity.

Yes, unfortunately there are “pot heads” and “stoners” just like there are Alcoholics and Drunkards, that should only tell us we have an abuse issue. It is time we stop putting blame on things and start taking responsibility for our own actions.

Eating too many cheeseburgers can cause many medical problems. Do we have a bad outlook on cheeseburgers or do we understand we have an eating disorder?

Let us approach Cannabis in the same manner and start from the beginning to get proper perspective.

Here you will not find research reports and links of studies and etc. I want to keep this very simple. No pictures and no videos. Just text. And all of it from a restored perspective on this topic.

Though I will add that testimonies are powerful! Have we not learned from our own faith to not judge a thing until you have resolution from heaven on any matter?

Instead of associating this plant with all the negative connotations we have been fed, don’t let the testimonies of what this herb is capable of (helping countless of medical issues) be drowned out by all the bad things media and those that lack proper perceptive has to say about it.

Sure Christ is our healer! And He is the only One we should seek to cure us of any ailment but has He not also given us resources and wisdom to care for our bodies? Medical advancement and wisdom over our doctors (a gift!) to help others? Many times God does the miraculous by spontaneously healing but many times God heals us through medicine, food, and the hands of medical practitioners, lets not be confused about that. I mean that’s what there there for.

Hear the good! Because the good far exceed the cons! In fact the only con is our selves when we approach anything in life without respect and maturity. (Of course this is not speaking universally – accepting just anything – I speak of only permissible things.)

We naturally are a specie that lacks self control. That is why one of the wonderful fruits of the Holy Spirit is self control.

We abuse sex. Food. Money. Medicine. Authority.

And in reality all of these things are good and a blessing from our Creator.

It’s how you approach a thing!

God is looking at your heart. Your intents and how lofty these things are in your heart.

This is the perspective we must approach Cannabis, to truly understand its place here on earth like any other plant, or bird, or fish.